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Shipping Policy & Rates

Shipping Within the United States

Orders that are received and paid for after 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (USA) will ship the next workday. We use the United States Postal Service for most orders.

Most orders are shipped Priority (2-3 day delivery) but the USPS DOES NOT guarantee this type of delivery to small towns within the United States. It is often more cost effective just to ship First Class. Some weight restrictions and package size apply to First Class packages. Due to problems encountered in the past with Express / Overnight mailings we no longer offer this service.

All orders will have "Signature Confirmation" or "Delivery Confirmation" attached for proof of delivery. This is necessary for our protection not only with the USPS but also required if you pay for your order via PayPal. This applies to all packages sent Priority Mail, First Class Mail, or Parcel Post.

Postage rates are computed already should you opt to pay for our order via PayPal. We accept money orders, bank checks, credit union checks, etc. for payment but we no longer accept personal checks due to problems in the past. All orders must be paid for in advance before we can ship. No exceptions. We can advise shipping options and rates prior to your ordering. Please email us your address including zip code, and proposed order and we will compute shipping costs and advise you.


International Orders (Includes Canada and Mexico)

If you live in a foreign country and want to order, you will have to send us an email relinquishing us of any responsibility in case the package goes astray in route to you or if your countries customs holds up the package. You order at your own risk. We can give confirmation of mailing but we cannot guarantee delivery of your package even though we send it packaged compliant with your country's customs regulations.

International orders will have to be paid for using an International Money Order before your order can be processed.

These are the current DOMESTIC (USA) USPS rates for special handling and does not include the original postage amount for shipping:

Delivery Confirmation - Provides the date, ZIP Code™ and time your article was delivered.- $.80 (USD).

Signature Confirmation - Provides delivery information and signature electronically. - $2.35 (USD).

Insurance - Provides indemnity coverage (up to $5,000) for lost or damaged items. - Starts at $1.75

Domestic Insurance PricesSkip Domestic Insurance Prices Table
Amount for Merchandise
Insurance Coverage Desired
$0.01 to $50 $1.75
$50.01 to $100 $2.25
$100.01 to $200 $2.75
$200.01 to $300 $4.70
$300.01 to $400 $5.70
$400.01 to $500 $6.70
$500.01 to $600 $7.70
$600.01 to $5000
(maximum liability is $5,000)
$7.70 plus $1.00 per $100 or fraction thereof
over $600 in declared value


INTERNATIONAL RATES - Extra Services in addition to the postage amount

Priority Mail International® Insurance Insures against loss, damage, or rifling. Starts at $1.75
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Priority Mail International Insurance Prices
Indemnity Limit Not Over Canada All Other Countries
$50.00 $1.75 $2.50
$100.00 $2.25 $3.40
$200.00 $2.75 $4.40
$300.00 $4.70 $5.40
$400.00 $5.70 $6.40
$500.00 $6.70 $7.40
$600.00 $7.70 $8.40
$675.00 $8.70 N/A
$700.00 N/A $9.40
Each add’l $100 or fraction over $100
Maximum indemnity varies by country.
N/A $1.00



Registered Mail™ Our most secure service - provides the maximum security (indemnity limit $45.51). $11.50

Restricted Delivery Delivery to individuals you specify are authorized to receive and sign for the item. $4.50 Return Receipt Provides both a mailing receipt and a signed, dated Return Receipt postcard, which must be purchased at the time of mailing. $2.30



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